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Decoding the Blueprint

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DECODING THE BLUEPRINT: A seminar for singles in or out of committed partnership

This successful relationships workshop teaches singles to use their relational power by becoming aware of their individual-self and their relational-self, while learning the strategies to building their dream relationships.

Differently from any other workshop, this workshop is tailored in precision towards the personal discovery of our unconscious relational strategies. These strategies are patterns, interpretations, and coping strategies that each of us individually, uniquely, and unconsciously use when we build intimate relationships. For many singles, these strategies act as a barrier to finding love and engaging in committed partnership. Furthermore, the u conscious nature of this strategies often leave us feeling either unworthy of love, or resentful of people that won’t engage in committed partnership with us.

Equally to the Love Awakening Workshop, this workshop empowers individuals in the development of their dream love relationship, by exploring and mastering self-knowledge and self-awareness. Singles in this workshop will develop the deep self-knowledge necessary to take control of their romantic life and be able to:

  1. Attract a significant other
  2. develop an intimate relationship
  3. develop the strategies to carry such relationship into long-term committed and fulfilling partnership

The Decoding the Blueprint workshop, will literally decode your personal blueprint for love. This workshop together with the Love awakening Workshop, gives individuals the tools and the strategies to find, develop and sustain long-term intimate and committed partnership.

This workshop is comprised of two FULL days of learning and growth. We meet for 9 consecutive hours on both days, and you will have 1 hour for lunch and several breaks. In these two days you will find that your level of engagement will facilitate a greater level of energy and attention. You will be gathering deep knowledge about yourself, which often promotes people’s deeper level of engagement, attention and energy.

The tuition in this workshop covers the two days’ workshop and the copy righted manual that you will be using during the two days, and that you will be bringing home to keep. The tuition varies depending on fee variations. Registering either during early bird, or registering with another person (not necessarily a romantic partner) often brings significant discounts to the fees. Please check the tuitions in your region.

If you are a professional in Mental Health or Personal Coaching, this workshop can be used as professional development and continuing education, in addition to a personal experience of growth. This workshop is sponsored by the Society of Humanistic Psychology (SHP), Division 32 of the American Psychological Association. If you require Continuing Development Credits (CDC) or Continuing Education Units (CEU). You can register to obtain them directly through the APA-SHP, a sponsor of the Relational Path Institute.

In order to obtain CDC’s or CEUs, you be in full attendance during the workshop, in addition to completing an evaluation form at the end of the workshop