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Relational Path Institute


Training Therapists & Coaches around the world in a new generation of theory integration in ​relationship wellness

The Relational Path Institute RPI, specializes in the cross-cultural application of Integrative Relationship Therapy (IRT) and its application in the training of therapists and coaches around the world. IRT is based on Existential Humanistic psychology, while constructing a systematic integration of the leading couple therapy and relationship theory approaches.

Training: RPI brings person centered and culture focused training to mental health professionals that desire to expand and transform their practice from the sole focus of client's self actualization, to the relational focus on couple and family co-actualization.

Events: RPI brings workshops, seminars and retreats to individuals and couples desiring to engage in a healing, nurturing, expansive, and mindful relational experience, while discovering the barriers to becoming their best relational self.

Faculty: Highly trained international faculty forms the heart of RPI . Each member of our team has extensive training and experience helping individuals and couples in the development of meaningful partnership. Furthermore RPI's team brings their own life experience to their work, while continuously working with the awareness of their human imperfection, and utilizing it to be present, authentic, and empathic both in their work and their personal life. RPI's team includes representatives from five world continents, several cultural groups, and over 10 different languages.

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