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Welcome to RPI Qatar!



Located in the Arabian Gulf, Qatar is a charmingly diverse country, sharing land borders with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the southwest and surrounded by the beautiful Arabian Sea. Qatar is the culturally rich scenario for amazing growth and development, ranking as one of 30 most peaceful countries in the world, and the most peaceful in the MENA region, by the Global Peace Index.


Although Arabic is the national language due to the large expatriate population that resides here, English, Urdu, French, Malayalam and Tagalog are widely used. Qatar is a very welcoming and well-connected nation thanks its national airline company, Qatar Airways, which has linked this blooming nation to over 150 cities across the world.


RPI was born vastly influenced by Qatar’s multicultural population, which inspired our Clinical Director, Dr. Monica Mansilla, to approach relationships with a new approach different from the western culture approach to romantic love and individualism. Our institute has been offering workshops, training and retreats in Qatar since 2016, and the first promotion of Mindfulness Integrative Relational Therapists and Coaches has completed their studies in here already.


Join us into empowering Qatar’s community towards mindful and empowered relationships!



Anahi Brown is an Empowerment Consultant who, after dealing with depression, obsessive dieting and disordered eating, Hashimoto’s, expat life, a multicultural family and motherhood, believes we all deserve pleasure, purpose and joy in our journeys through relationships, single life, parenthood and beyond.



Part of her practice involves working with couples to realize their unconscious patterns, consciously change them and, through this process, mindfully re-write their love story, rediscover the bliss in couple-hood and experience their Happily Ever After, with an approach anchored in RPI’s Mindfulness and Existential-Humanistic Theory.



Anahi’s style is powered by empathy, authenticity and compassion through holding space for her clients’ wounds and smiles, passing down her unique viewpoints and giving them tools for their journeys, thus enabling them to discover themselves so they can start believing in their worth, value and feel lovable again, from there grow and expand their boundaries.



Her work combines nutrition and nourishment, emotional empowerment, mindful living, intentional action and inspiring relationship work to obtain a full, rich and vibrant experience in life regardless of personal labels, geographic locations and stages in life, because in the end everyone deserves to live purposeful, joyful and empowered lives.



In 2015, Anahi received the Ooredoo Sheroes award for her work supporting women going through Antenatal and Postnatal depression, after going through it herself. /


"Great safe space created. Monica showed wonderful knowledge. Lots of compassion and care taken with discussing the emotional baggage (or backpacks). I feel like I can access my own capacity for safety, growth and challenge… not to mention that I had some surprising realisations for me. I left feeling empowered!" – Fran Matrella

"This is my first experience in a group therapy kind of session. It was very interesting, enlightening, intense, heavy, eye opening hopefully healing as well. Thanks Monica and Anahi" – Abeer

"Thank you for an intense emotional and therapeutic two days, Coming with my wife, I feel that we both now have a better understanding of each other and are excited about growing our relationship together. It was a highly engaging and active group and was a pleasure to b part of it. Big thanks!" – Simon

"Thank you so much for your graciousness and your power in transferring the skills to build meaningful relationships".- Sabu

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The Love Awakening Workshop Qatar

West Bay, Doha

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