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It's all about relationships!


The Relational Path Institute (RPI) offers APA accredited continuing development certification in Mindfulness Integrative Relationship Coaching (MIRC). Through this training, participants will learn to work within an Existential-Humanistic frame work while becoming a trained and certified relationship coach and educator.

​Through teaching, practice, personal exploration, supervision, and mentoring, this training provides participants with an integrative and in-depth knowledge of the main theories of relationship therapy, including: Imago, Emotionally Focused therapy (EFT), the Gottman Method for Couple Therapy, Relational Neurobiology, Relational Mindfulness, and the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT).

The coaching and education track of this training involves 140 face to face hours of training, in addition to one on one and group mentoring.

It is recommended, but not required, that participants complete the requirements for certification within one calendar year.


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Through MIRC certification, participants will gain in-depth knowledge about the psychological, sociological, and neurological factors that constitute and shape the path of both romantic, and committed love. This knowledge will be gained while focusing on cross-cultural differences and distinct factors between collectivist and individualistic cultures. Participants will also achieve a deeper understanding of the different relational paths for individuals and couples, while gaining refined knowledge of the psycho-socio- neurological intricacies that contribute to relational success and failure, as well as those affecting the individuals’ ability to enter into and maintain committed partnership. Participants in the MIRC track, will learn how to present the theory learned in an educational format, where they will be able to: (a) coach couples in the journey of committed love, from relational healing and reconnection, to joyful and fulfilling partnership, and (b) coach singles in the development of romantic self-actualization, either through the journey towards entering and maintaining committed love, or through developing an optimal and fulfilling life as a single individual. MIRC graduates will be able to develop relationship seminars for groups, as well as to work in relational coaching with individuals and couples.

Finally, participants in the MIRC certificate training will acquire a profound understanding of their own relational path, as well as develop mindful awareness. The Integrative Relationship approach is the evolution of the evidence-based Existential-Humanistic Integrative Couple Therapy (EHICT), which aims to bring healers into an authentic, empathic and present therapeutic relationship with their clients. In order to embrace such a powerful therapeutic stance, practitioners are trained in the use of mindful practices, as well as in the exploration of their own relational history, triggers, dreams, successes, and failures. This deep self-exploration and self-knowledge is gained through participants’ attendance in two different relationship workshops, and in a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) workshop.

MIRC certification is designed for individuals with advanced education in coaching, education, holistic health, and allied health professions.

Graduate students nearing completion of their coaching, education or allied health professional degree, may also apply for MIRC training at a discounted rate. Students’ applications will be carefully reviewed by the faculty to ensure the applicant holds enough knowledge and practice to partake in this specialized training. Students might also be invited to an interview to be accepted into this program.

*All applications will be reviewed by the RPI faculty and acceptance or deferral letters will be sent to each individual participant.

  1. Two 4-day training Modules with a minimum of 80% of attendance. One 40 hour online instruction module for independent learning. This module can be completed at the student's own pace, between the end of the first module and the beginning of the third module,
  2. Attendance in two relationship workshops. Participants can choose to attend workshops from several of the couple therapy institutes including: Imago, EFT, Gottman’s, and IRT. However, the attendance in MIRC workshops is provided free of charge as part of the certification process. If participants have previously completed any or all of the workshops, they can choose to waive this requirement by providing a letter from the institute or practitioner that led the workshop. Alternatively, they can choose to join again in the workshops included in the training.
  3. Attend an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Workshop
  4. Act as a teaching assistant in one relationship workshop (either for individuals or couples)
  5. Complete 10 hours of mentoring. Participants can choose their faculty of choice to complete mentoring hours. The 10 hours will be divided in 6 hours of group mentoring and 4 hours of individual mentoring
  6. Provide a midterm video recording
  7. Provide a passing final video recording
  8. Provide a completed process journal that will be used throughout the training
  1. The modules should be completed within the participant’s training program. However, participants have the opportunity to complete the other requirements at their own pace. Nonetheless, trainees are encouraged to complete all requirements during the training year.
  2. Several opportunities for workshops will be offered by the institute, for the 2017 cohort to participate within the first year of training.
  3. To be eligible for free workshop attendance, participants must join the workshops provided during the year of training.
  4. Trainees will have the opportunity to participate in basic (non- certificate) MIRT and MIRC training, by completing the first two modules of training, without further engagement in workshops or supervision/mentoring.
  5. Trainees will have the opportunity to join one module at a time, without registering for certification
  6. Participants that miss a training module will be allowed to register with a future cohort, with a 10% discount of the replacement module fee

Individuals wishing to pursue MIRC certification need to complete an application form. Prospective participants can complete and submit the application on our website.

Alternatively, applicants can email us at where applicants can ask direct questions about the training, or request guidance in completing their application. An electronic confirmation message will be sent to you immediately after submitting your application form and applications are reviewed within a week of submission. The Institute ensures a prompt response to applicants to provide sufficient time to register if admitted. There is a maximum of 16 participants per year. Applicants will be admitted on a first-come basis.

  1. Tuition (when paid in full), includes the 3 teaching modules, and the 2 required relationship workshops led by RPI’s faculty. In addition, RPI’s faculty has generously agreed to provide the 4 hours of individual mentoring/supervision to participants with a 50% discount, when trainees are working towards full certification.
  2. For individuals interested in ONLY attending the training modules without fulfilling the additional requirements for certification, they can either register for the Basic MIRC training (modules 1 and 2), or they can register for individual modules.
  3. With the exception of Module 1, no individual will be invited to join a module without having completed participation in the prior modules. Special consideration can be requested when intending to, but unable to pay for full certification at once.
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