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Faculty and Leadership


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Monica Mansilla PhD
Clinical Director and CEO

Monica introduced the evidence-based Existential-Humanistic Integrative Couple Therapy (EHICT) approach, which she teaches internationally to counsellors and psychotherapists. Based on the demand for EHICT training around the world, she founded the Relational Path Institute, where in alliance with adjunct faculty, the Integrative Relationship Therapy evolved, while expanding into further integration of theory into EHICT. Monica also designed the Mindfulness Based Integrative Therapy approach (MBIT), which she leads in group psychotherapy format to individuals dealing with general life, and/or psychological presenting concerns. She has taught Psychology and Clinical Interventions in several universities in the Middle East, Canada and the USA. Monica is an experienced clinician, professor, researcher, and international psychotherapy trainer. She is currently working towards the publication of the first textbook in IRT, as well as a textbook and a participant workbook for MBIC groups.

Steven Dromgool
Senior Therapy Trainer

Steven is the director of Relate Counselling a specialist relationship team in Auckland, New Zealand. He is cross trained in Imago Relationship Therapy, Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Faced with the challenge of leading and training a multi-disciplinary team and dissatisfied with outdated models of neurology underpinning popular couples therapy he developed the integrated Whole Brain Therapy (WBT) approach. The WBT approach to couples and relationship therapy combines recent insights from relational neurobiology and the most effective practical processes from his advanced studies in couples therapy. Steven brings a strong integrative pedagogic contribution to IRT and the faculty. Steven also teaches the brief introduction to IRT method.

Amy Color
Senior Coach Trainer

Amy is a certified educator in multiple therapeutic modalities. As Intimate With Amy, Intimacy & Relationship Coach based in Vancouver, Canada, she addresses intimacy, connection and the sexual connection with safe non-verbal communication techniques. She believes Connection and intimacy can’t just be talked about, they need to be experienced. “Be careful with each other so you can be dangerous together.”  Amy is a pragmatic and practical trainer with a wealth of coaching wisdom and experience.

Wieslawa Hyzyk
Clinical Supervisor and Coaching Mentor

Wieslawa is an experienced mindfulness counsellor and coach. Based in Canada, she has expanded her 35 years of experience while working internationally. Wieslawa works with individuals and groups towards the achievement of growth, transformation, and wellness. Her counselling and coaching practice is inspired by principles of Humanistic Psychology and Mindfulness. She strives to create a safe, non-judgmental but well-informed space where clients can explore deep life issues. In 1998 Wieslawa completed MBSR training with Jon Kabbat –Zinn and has conducted MBSR groups as well as Introduction to Mindfulness programs. Her passion centers on working with clients' strengths, creativity and choices in the “here and now”, while focusing on self-awareness, self-regulation skills, self-empowerment and transformational growth.

Dr. Lisa Vallejos, PhD
Clinical Supervisor

Lisa is the founder of The Art of Living Institute and is a notable leader in her profession and community. Lisa has nearly 20 years of experience working with those experiencing life's challenges and helping others transform their relationships, businesses and leadership.


Dra. Marta Saldaña Martín
Coordinadora Regional para España

Tras completar una licenciatura, dos másteres y un doctorado en el ámbito de las ciencias sociales (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid y Exeter University, RU), la vida la llevó a embarcarse en la aventura de la psicología. Marta es coach de vida (Empower World-ICF, Qatar) e instructora de mindfulness para adultos (MBCT, Bangor University, RU) y para niños (MiSP, RU). Además, en la actualidad se está formando como terapeuta-counsellor humanista integrativa (Máster Instituto Galene, España) y como terapeuta de parejas (Relational Path Institute).

Erika Acosta Rodrigues
Global Executive Coordinator

Erika is a PR and Communications executive with over 10 years of corporate experience in the international sphere. Inspired by the pursue of a more meaningful life she moved from Angola to Portugal to find her real purpose in life where she is raising her family an enthusiast of mindfulness and the empowerment of women and happy families. She is also a Certified Montessory AMI Assistant and writes a blog dedicated to families and motherhood. /

Beverley Drakes
Training Assistant

Beverley is a certified IRT therapist, with over 20 years’ experience as a psychologist, NLP coach, yoga teacher and Reiki healer. She works with children, adults, couples, and organizations in a variety of settings in the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. Beverley IRT includes individual child and adult assessments, face-to-face counselling, coaching, workshops, and retreats. Furthermore, Beverly is a social science researcher for: the Educational Authorities in the UK, governments in the Caribbean as well as for other international agencies such as UNICEF. A holistic practitioner, Beverley is passionate about facilitating lasting growth and development in individuals and couples, to maximize their potential and ability to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Dr. Debbie Sheppard-LeMoine
Regional Coordinator Canada

An experienced Canadian educator, Debbie is an assistant professor in the BScN program at St Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. She has also been on faculty at the University of Calgary in Qatar and an assistant professor at Dalhousie University. Her research focus is on interprofessional learning within a simulated, family assessment environment. She is an expert in curriculum design and revision, family nursing practice and education with over 20 years’ experience and has recently completed a study on enhanced home visiting practices that surround women and children who live within vulnerability in Nova Scotia, Canada. Currently she is using standardized patients in the University of Calgary in Qatar clinical simulation center to develop similar skills in nursing students. She has expanded her work to include an inter professional focus by bringing together medical and nursing students in learning family assessment together.
Anahi Brown
Regional Coordinator

Anahi Brown is a certified Holistic Wellness Coach with over 10 years of corporate and one-on-one experience, published author, motivational speaker, Joyful Motherhood Mentor, Women’s Empowerment enthusiast and Holistic Nutrition advocate. She works following her greatest passion: Inspiring and Empowering women to discover the unique Holistic Nourishment they need to regain their wellness; heal their bodies, minds and souls; find their joyful purpose, and thrive through life. Anahi’s approach combines nutrition and nourishment, emotional empowerment, mindful living, intentional action and inspiring relationship work to obtain a full, rich and vibrant experience in life regardless of personal labels, geographic locations and stages in life, because in the end all women deserve to live purposeful, joyful and empowered lives. |